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Crus Comparison Workshop

6 Eaux de vies and 3 Cognacs

Cocktail Workshop

2 Cognac cocktails

Food Pairing Workshop

4 Cognacs paired with nibbles

Paradise Workshop

3 Eaux de vies and 1 Cognac

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Welcome to the Family estate, shared between Grande Champagne and Fins Bois, our Cognacs are frequently praised by the specialist press and have been awarded gold medals in international competitions. Discover our stories :

Getting to the estate

23 rue du Marronnier, Villars, 16170 Echallat


The questions you could ask yourself before you visit the Voyer Vaudon Estate

The location is 23 rue du Marronnier, Villars, 16170 Echallat. Google will take you there very easily. We are 20 minutes away from Angoulême and Cognac. GPS 45.693072,-0.040641

Domaine Voyer Vaudon is a farm, so you will meet a producer with presses, stills, ageing cellars and a paradise, in a small village surrounded with vines.

Comfortable trainers are best. In the winter the distillery gets warm and in the summer the cellars are cool.

Everything necessary is provided on site but you can bring you own glass or shaker if you wish.

Workshops must be booked in order to be confirmed according to our general terms and conditions of sale. Outside the workshops, you can enjoy a free tour, but it’s best to book in advance to guarantee a spot.

We hope to see you around 10 minutes before the visit is due to start.

The shop is open all year round, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and all products are available. You can reserve a product in advance via e-mail and pay by VISA or MasterCard when you come in.

All our products are available for tasting, and you’ll even get a discount on your purchases. Of course, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, so please drink in moderation. A breathalyser will be available at the end of your session, if required.

Children are welcome. Even if they can’t taste, they’ll enjoy seeing all the big machines we use.

We “Charentais” are the guardians of French know-how that is recognised all over the world. Our doors are always open to you, free of charge, for a stroll around the site and a chat about our shared culture. If you book in advance, you’ll be guaranteed a spot.

Refunds for workshops may be requested if your trip is cancelled. On receipt of a reasonable request and bank details, the refund will be made the day after the pre-booked date and will be subject to bank charges.

We have a number of restaurants around us, so we advise you to book in advance. See below for a list of our partners.

You will find our partnered gîtes and establishments on the map below. Our cognacs are also present à la carte with our partners to extend your Vaudon Voyer experience.

Partnered gîtes and restaurants

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