Terms and conditions

Workshops and visits terms and conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are subject to these terms and conditions of sale:

  • Visits: You must have booked your place to visit our site. The tour begins in the porch and is split into 6 stages, which can be changed depending on conditions. In order to maintain the personal aspect of the visit, the stages may be presented in the following order: 1 Pressoir, 2 Vinification, 3 Distillery, 4 Cellars, 5 Blending, 6 Boutique.
  • Workshops: You must have booked your place to attend a workshop at our estate. Workshops are given at set times. They are held in the distillery, but may involve taking samples of eau-de-vie in the cellar. Taking part in the sampling is essential for the workshop’s success. In the event of refusal, the management has the right to change the conditions under which the workshops are held.
  • If you book by telephone: only the free tour will be available and the time must be confirmed when you call.
  • Opening times: The estate is open from 9am to 5pm. Visits last 1 hour excluding shop time, and workshops last 30 to 45 minutes. After this time, you must leave the premises. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to visit the site without staff.
  • If you are late without giving a reason, the participant will have to withdraw (see below).
  • Bad behaviour, such as alcohol abuse, disrespecting staff, other customers or failure to follow safety instructions during the visit, will result in expulsion from the site and non-refund of workshops.
  • Unsuitable clothing: The management reserves the right to refuse a customer or to change the tour circuit if a customer turns up wearing clothing that is unsuitable for the itinerary.
  • It is forbidden to serve alcohol to minors: the visit is free but they will remain spectators if a workshop is booked. Please reserve workshop places for adults only. Visits are open to all.
  • Refunds for workshops: Refunds for workshops may be requested if your trip is cancelled. On receipt of a reasonable request and bank details, the refund will be made the day after the pre-booked date and will be subject to bank charges.
  • In case of allergies or special health conditions, the cognac accompaniments cannot be changed. It is the customer’s responsibility not to consume food or alcohol that is not suitable for their health.
  • In the event of a fall or an injury: during the visit, the emergency number is 15 SAMU. You are visiting a production site of your own free will, on a tour with no obvious risks. You cannot hold us liable in the event of injury.
  • Reason for withdrawal: in the event of exceptional circumstances beyond our control, if the workshops cannot be held, we reserve the right not to issue a refund.
  • Storage instructions: Purchased products must always be stored in upright, frost-free bottles, preferably between 10 and 25°C, away from direct light.
  • Transport: It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange collection of the goods purchased from the shop. We cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of any kind once the products have been paid for.
  • Payment: payment is always required for a purchase. Customers are asked to leave their name, address and email when making a purchase so that an invoice can be sent to them as proof of payment. A copy will be archived in our account books. We comply with the GDPR law and advertising is subject to our customers’ consent. We keep any collected information available to our customers and allow them to change or delete any information about themselves at any time.
  • Customs: All goods collected in France are duty-paid on the invoice.
  • The customer’s excise duty number must be provided to us before any order is placed under duty suspension.
  • In the case of intra-Community exports, we reserve the right to impose the deposit of VAT and consumption duties in the country of destination, in the event that the VAT number or excise duty number does not comply with the requirements of the French authorities.
  • It is the recipient’s responsibility to file the invoice, the Simplified Electronic Accompanying Document (DSAE), the Commercial Accompanying Document (DCA) and to clear the Electronic Accompanying Document (DAE) upon receipt of the goods.
  • The return of sheet 3 of the DCA, stamped by the competent authorities, or the discharge of the DAE is due within a maximum of two months from the date of dispatch.
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